Colorful Coat Rack From A Wood Pallet

It’s a colorful coat rack that would make your hallway decor more cool and fun! Get tutorial!

CNNMoney Tech Tumblr: Remember, remember the 5th of November...when Facebook is slated to die


Everyone’s favorite Guy Fawkes-lovin’ hacker group is at it again! The Village Voice reports that Anonymous is targeting Facebook over privacy concerns. And so, they say, they will kill Facebook on November 5.

The group said in a press release: “You cannot hide from the reality in which…

Pattern: Mini Cupcake Bear


Here is the pattern to make a mini cupcake bear!

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The teaser trailer for Clockwork Prince. Yes, it’s short — it’s only a teaser!

The full trailer will be released closer to the release date of the book and will have a very special someone doing the voiceover narration. For now Vania’s lovely visuals reveal exactly who is in the DSBS scene as it’s come to be known — if you don’t want to know, don’t watch!


Bacon (noun) - The main reason you are not a vegetarian.


Bacon (noun) - The main reason you are not a vegetarian.

Tutorial: making/putting a cbox



1. Go to THIS site, click Sign Up. Create your account and login into it. 

2. How to edit your Cbox: Look & Feel > choose what you want to do. When you finish it, click Publish to get the code. 

3. Go to Customize > Info > Description. Paste the code in your description, where do you want it to appear. 


Tutorial: how to reblog yourself


1. Drag this link up to your browser’s bookmark toolbar: Tumblr Reblog

2. Go to the permalink of the individual post you want to reblog. (example)

3. Click the Tumblr Reblog bookmarklet you set up – it should then process and bring you to a compose screen with the post ready to reblog.

Done! (credits